The situation

Gender inequality, discrimination and violence are ingrained in the structure of our societies, influencing the distribution of power and access to resources at every level and are inextricably linked to homophobia and transphobia. These societal forces and the inequality and socio-economic exclusion they create are major drivers of entry into sex work, marginalisation and endangerment of sex workers, and barriers to alternative employment and economic security. 

The objectives

As such, ESWA applies a gender and intersectional lens to all of our work and ensures that the achievement of our strategic objectives is grounded in the broader fight for gender equality and LGBTQI+ rights. 

Our current activities

ESWA builds alliances with feminist organisations internationally and supports our members in building partnerships at the national level to promote sex worker participation in feminist movements and spaces.

ESWA strives to ensure that intersectional feminist principles inform its work and that women, trans and non-binary people, predominantly lead the movement. ESWA works together with members to mobilise their greater engagement in LGBTQI+ networks at the national level.

ESWA actively collaborates with key allies: ILGA Europe, ILGA World and Transgender Europe to secure LGBT rights