Migration and Anti-racism

The situation

Migrant and racialised sex workers are often most severely impacted by harmful laws, policies and practices. They face significant and heightened barriers to support and are often poorly served by state and NGO services. In this strategic period, we will adopt a priority focus on improving outcomes for migrant and racialised sex workers and will integrate this focus throughout all of our strategic objectives.

Our objectives

  • We will identify donors to support the development of this area of work.
  • We will support sex worker organisations in developing their knowledge and advocacy on anti-trafficking and migration policies and building links to migrant sex workers at the national level.
  • We will increase representation and centre migrant sex workers, particularly racialised sex workers, in our work, staff, and leadership structures. 
  • We will engage with and offer allyship to movements for migrant’s rights and racial justice in Europe.

Our current activities

To achieve its objectives, ESWA is coordinating a range of activities to build the capacity of migrant and racialised sex workers in our region and advocate for their rights.