We inform and advance public opinion by:

  • Creating content, communications and digital engagement that outlines the personal stories and experiences of sex workers in Europe.
  • Developing impactful and engaging campaigns for change.
  • Producing accessible materials that educate and protect against the stigmatisation of sex workers and misinformation on decriminalisation, human trafficking and labour rights issues.
  • Building broad public support for sex workers’ rights that can be mobilised to bring about legal and policy change.

We build partnerships and allyship by:

  • Recognising the intersectional nature of the oppression and discrimination that impacts the lives of sex workers.
  • Understanding that discrimination against sex workers is rooted in the broader systems of misogyny and gender-based violence, racism and colonialism, homophobia and transphobia, economic inequality and class.
  • Fostering partnerships, allyship and solidarity across movements in recognition of our collective struggles.
  • Identifying holistic, inclusive policies for change that do not harm other communities.

We engage decision-makers and actively participate in policy and legal development processes by:

  • Monitoring policy and legal developments across European institutions, international mechanisms and in specific countries.
  • Lobbying decision and policymakers across these spaces and building relationships.
  • Supporting our membership to engage with decision and policymakers at national, regional and international levels.
  • Bringing sex workers together with decision-makers through events and creative platforms.