Become a Member Organisation

ESWA is a sex worker-led regional network whose members include organisations based in Europe and Central Asia.

ESWA members are required to endorse ESWA’s core values. Members are also required to respect ESWA’s Code of Conduct.

Organisations can apply to join ESWA as either:

  • A full member with voting rights (national sex worker-led organisations and collectives, registered or not, only)
  • A supporter without voting rights (allies organisations and service providers not led by sex workers)
  • A thematic or (sub)regional network.

To apply for ESWA membership, you must download and complete an ESWA Membership Application and Consent Form. Please send the completed form to [email protected].

Application forms are forwarded to the ESWA Board of Directors for verification and approval. The application may be approved immediately if the applicant is known to the Board. If the applicant is not known, it is forwarded to ESWA members listservs for verification or the ESWA Secretariat may ask for more information about the applicant.

By joining ESWA, new members can benefit from:

  • Networking and communication opportunities: Members are invited to join ESWA listservs and other social media community groups. These tools are used to share information on our movement, campaigns, calls for action, opportunities for trainings, key events or funding.
  • Participation in ESWA’s activities: ESWA regularly coordinates national and regional trainings and workshops for sex workers. Members of ESWA can apply to join these activities, build their capacities and meet other sex workers’ rights activists.
  • Participation in ESWA’s consultation: ESWA regularly consults its members to develop position or briefing papers as well as strategic and advocacy plans.
  • Voting and representation on decision-making bodies: Sex worker-led organisations/groups members of ESWA can vote for their representatives on the Board of Directors. Members of ESWA can also stand for the role of Board members or self-nominate for Thematic Advisory Groups.

By joining ESWA, you can share your personal and professional experience with our network and contribute to the diversity and strength of our movement. Together, we can achieve ESWA’s vision of a world where the human and labour rights of sex workers are protected and upheld.