The ESWA Steering Committee is the legal governing body of ESWA. It delegates decision making around strategic direction and operational management.

The ESWA Steering Committee make decisions in consultation with and on behalf of ESWA members. Members of the ESWA Steering Committee are required to represent the network in line with ESWA's mission, vision and values.


  • A minimum of 80% of the ESWA Steering Committee must be sex workers, with an aspiration to achieve 100%.
  • ESWA ensures that the majority of Steering Committee members are women in all their diversity.
  • ESWA strives to ensure the representation of migrant sex workers, racialised sex workers, sex workers living with HIV, sex workers who use drugs and diversity of sex work experiences. While there is no requirement for ESWA Steering Committee members to be public about their status, the power of being open about one’s status and experiences with stakeholders and donors and the encouragement and support it gives to community members should be recognized.
  • ESWA strives to ensure representation from diverse sex work legal frameworks.
  • ESWA strives to ensure geographic balance across the three ESWA sub-regions, with a maximum of one committee member from any single country within the Steering Committee.


Dinah Bons, Co-convenor, The Netherlands

Kate McGrew, Co-convenor, Ireland 

Dakota Jones, Treasurer, United Kingdom

Kali Sudhra, Spain


Sabrina Sanchez, Coordinator
Luca Stevenson, Operations Officer Luca_square_crop_small.jpg
Irena Fercik Konecna, Policy Officer
Jules James, Programme Officer Jules_square_crop_small.jpg
Yigit Aydinalp, Programme Officer / Administration and Finance Officer
Marin Scarlett, Campaign and Communications Officer
Charlie Dominic, Research Officer  Charlie_square_crop_small.jpg
Daniela Burba, Intern Daniela_square_crop_small.jpg



The membership of ESWA is open to organisations providing services and advocating for sex workers' rights in Europe and Central Asia.

The Criteria for membership are as follows:

  • Recognise sex work as work
  • Support sex workers' self-organising
  • Oppose criminalization and other legal oppression of sex work

To become a member you must fill out our application form and send it to [email protected] for approval.


ESWA is a legally constituted organisation registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (Dossier number 34216253), and recognised by the tax department as a not-for-profit organisation (Stichting International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe, fiscal number 8141.42.643).