Our current activities

ESWA is one of the 16 organisations (out of 220!) selected by the European Artificial Intelligence Fund to develop advocacy and capacity-building activities to ensure the voices of civil society, including marginalised communities such as sex workers, are included in debates and policy-making on artificial intelligence and digital rights.

ESWA has developed an exciting programme that will include consultations with its members on the impact of AI on sex workers’ rights, particularly in relation to surveillance, privacy and censorship. ESWA will develop resources such as policy papers and tool kits to advocate for the inclusion of sex workers in the digital rights field and the development of AI policies that do not infringe on sex workers’ rights – in particular, the most marginalised sex workers such as undocumented, LGBTQI, or racialised sex workers. ESWA will also conduct trainings for sex workers’ communities to build their capacity and knowledge on AI and digital rights.

For more information on our digital rights programme and our activities please contact our Programme Officer Yigit on [email protected]