Our current activities

Within its anti-trafficking programme ESWA documents and effectively communicates the injustice and harms experienced by sex workers exposed to criminalisation and punitive policing in Europe.

Through its advocacy and campaigning strategic approach ESWA works on analysing and challenging the misinformation and misleading narratives used to support the ‘Swedish Model’ of criminalisation. ESWA engages with decision makers to educate and inform them on the best, most evidenced based legal and policy frameworks to protect and realise sex workers rights. ESWA demands accountability for poor decision making, particularly in instances where sex workers are silenced, excluded or ignored in policy and law-making processes.

By working together with local sex worker-led organisations ESWA aims to strengthen the movement and build the representation and voices of sex workers in policy making spaces and discussions on criminalisation and legal reform in Europe. Together with its members ESWA develops creative campaigning and communications on legal reform in a range of countries.