Safeguarding and Complaint Procedure

Safeguarding policy, Grievance and Complaints Procedure

ESWA’s vision is of a world where sex work is recognised as work; where all sex workers are respected and their rights are upheld; and where gender, racial, social and economic equality and freedom of movement are a reality enabling individuals to start, continue or leave sex work safely, and free from violence and coercion.

Our core values

ESWA and its members:

  • Recognise sex work as work 
  • Support sex worker self-determination and self-organisation 
  • Oppose all forms of criminalisation and other legal oppression of sex work

ESWA is committed to keeping persons at risk of harm (hereinafter may be referred as persons at risk) safe from any harm, abuse and exploitation and has procedures and practices in place to protect all persons at risk, including children who are in contact with the organisation. These policies and procedures are at the core of all our operations - and apply to all people who represent ESWA in any capacity.


Download the full Safeguarding Policy: 

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ESWA Grievance Procedure and Complaint Form

The purpose of the Grievance Procedure is to ensure that ESWA members, staff, consultants, interns and other associated personnel and other stakeholders are able to lodge a complaint or suggest improvement to ESWA network and to foster respect, accountability and transparency.

ESWA respects the independence of its members, however, if representatives of members disrespect the Code of Conduct, values and consensus positions agreed within ESWA then members will be challenged and informed of the potential consequences, including potential expulsion from the network.


Members, staff, consultants, interns, other associated personnel and external stakeholders who want to lodge complaints or grievances must use the formal grievance and complaints procedure.

Individuals and member organisation will always be given the opportunity to respond to any allegations made against them, and will have the right of appeal against any decision made. Any decision to expel a member will be endorsed by the ESWA Steering committee. 

Gross misconduct, such as violating sex workers’ human rights or severe breach of confidentiality will result in expulsion from the network or communications platform without warning.

Breaches of the code of conduct, that fall short of gross misconduct, that are found to be intentional, the members shall be given one warning prior to expulsion from the network or communications platform.

ESWA does not investigate rumours. Evidence of allegations against a member organisation or individual must be submitted with the Complaint Form.

ESWA does not mediate in external conflicts between members or investigate members or complaints against individuals within member organizations.


ESWA Administration and Finance Officer will monitor and moderate the ESWA listservs and other social media platforms and will liaise with the ESWA Safeguarding Officer in making decisions about enforcing the code of conduct online.

Complaints from members, individuals and external stakeholders against ESWA members, staff, consultants and other associated personnel will normally be assessed by Safeguarding officer and dealt with by the Director, and any appeal will be heard by the Board of Directors.

Complaints against the Director will be dealt with by the Board (further see the Safeguarding policy).



Download the Grievance Procedure and Complaint Form: 

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