Decent (Sex) Work and Safer Housing: Call for Grant Applications

Decent (Sex) Work and Safer Housing: Call for Grant Applications

Are you a member of the European Sex Workers’ Rights Alliance? Does your organisation have expertise or interest in housing access and decent working conditions for sex workers?

This call might be for you!

ESWA is launching a new project ‘Decent (Sex) Work and Safer Housing’ supported by the European Programme for Integration and Migration (EPIM). You can read about
this project here.

Housing, or rather, the lack of it, has historically been a significant issue for sex workers in particular migrant and LGBTQ sex workers. However, the COVID-19 crisis made it clear that this has not been the case for the institutions charged with procuring this fundamental human right.

Through this project, ESWA aims to collect data on the housing conditions of sex workers in different legal contexts around sex work. ESWA wants to map and determine the relationship between the criminalisation of sex work and access to housing. ESWA and the local partners will present community reports and briefing papers. With this, ESWA aims to initiate a multi-stakeholder dialogue with local authorities to address the urgent housing needs of migrant sex workers in Europe. 

The groundbreaking project will explore the interconnection of sex work, migration, exploitation and housing. ESWA will collaborate with 4 national sex workers’ rights organisations to explore the key issue faced by migrant sex workers in relation to decent work and safe housing.

The selected organisations will receive a grant of 5,000 euros to develop a national report on these issues as well as coordinate with other stakeholders such as municipal organisations, shelters, homeless and housing services and migrant and racial justice organisations. The aim of the project is to roll out four local/ municipal strategies in four European countries that are based on meaningful participation of migrant sex workers in cooperation with local governments, local NGOs and social ‘safety net’ institutions in neighbourhoods where migrant sex workers live and work.

How to apply?

Fill in this survey by 10 February midnight (CET).

ESWA will review applications and select 4 organisations to collaborate on this project.

Selected organisations will be contacted by February 15th with the aim to start the project by March 1st.

For any questions, contact Sabrina at [email protected]

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