Focus Group: Participatory Action Research

Focus Group: Participatory Action Research

Have you taken part in community peer research before? If so, we’d love to hear from you!


As part of our new research project - Accessing justice: the role of policing in sex workers’ experience of justice - ESWA is inviting you to take part in our focus groups. During the last two weeks of May 2022, we will be holding two separate focus groups online. We expect that they will take between 90 minutes and two hours.

  • Focus Group 1: Friday 20th May, 5pm CET
  • Focus Group 2: Tuesday 24th May, 5pm CET 


We would like to hear from you if you have ever taken part in Participatory Action Research, or any research that focuses on collaborative community involvement. Similar research is sometimes known as participatory, peer-based research, community research, and action research. It often looks like peer interviews, and community members being involved in the research process (being consulted at any stage). We would also like to hear from you if you have conducted research yourself.


To register your interest in taking part, please complete this form. We also have a form, found here, where you can share your experience anonymously.


What type of research counts?


The research that you have previously taken part in can be specific to sex work, or as part of other research that focuses on collaborative research with specific communities (for example, research with migrant communities, drug-using communities, LGBTQI+ communities, etc.). 


We would also like to hear from researchers who have conducted community research themselves.


Your involvement in the research can have been in any way; you could have been interviewed, engaged in online discussions or surveys, assisted in research or been part of any stage of the research process. The research can have been based anywhere in the world.


The focus groups will be mixed, a space for both participants, researchers, and researchers with sex work experience. 


What will be discussed?


We are conducting these focus groups so that our members can share their expertise and experience of community-based research. The results of these consultations will lead to ESWA creating the most well-informed methodology to conduct research on access to justice. 


The focus groups will not discuss access to justice or policing, but will focus on the experiences our members have had taking part in research.


These will be open roundtable discussions, where we will hear your thoughts on what was done well, what went wrong, and what could have been improved in the research you were participating in. 


Will these focus groups be paid?


Unfortunately we do not have the budget to pay participants for their time.


How do I sign up?


  • Register your interest by completing this form (2min to complete).

  • Can't attend either focus group? Have your say anonymously using this form.


I have questions...


Great! Please contact our Research Officer by emailing: [email protected]



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