To mark World Health Day, ICRSE is launching its latest video 'Sex Workers on the Frontline'.
In the video,14 sex workers' rights activists from 13 organisations in Europe highlight some of the key challenges and activities of their organisations during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Do you want to know more about the work done by sex workers' organisations in Europe during the pandemic? Click here to read our report 'Sex workers on the frontline' With the present report, we aim to summarise the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on sex workers in 2020, focusing on how their socio-economic conditions, health and safety were compromised throughout the year, ending with strict 2nd and 3rd wave lockdowns and curfews in many countries of the region. Furthermore, we provide a summary of the various grassroots actions that ICRSE membership carried out in 2020, illustrating the power and resilience of sex worker collectives, based on a survey targeted at ICRSE membership and individual discussions. Finally, the report ends with recommendations for policymakers to upscale community support and alleviate this crisis for sex worker communities.

The report was launched at the online webinar which can be viewed here.


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