2023: An overview


Sex Workers Inclusive Policies and Programmes in Europe


Improve sex workers’ access to health and HIV services



Organisation of:

- 1 training for trans sex workers

(sex workers who identify as trans feminine, trans masculine or non binary sex workers)

The calls for trainers and participants will be launched soon.


- 1 training for MSM sex workers
(sex workers who identify as male sex workers including trans masculine and non binary sex workers)

The calls for trainers and participants will be launched soon.


- 1 workshop on stigma and discrimination for healthcare professionals 



Development of:

- 1 community-based research on stigma and discrimination

Answer the questionnaire here.
Apply to be one of the consultants here.

- 1 briefing paper on stigma and discrimination

- 1 tool kit on stigma and discrimination for healthcare professionals

- 1 factsheet on trans sex workers

- 1 factsheet on MSM sex workers

Resources will be available in English, French, Spanish and Russian

- Development of the Sex Work & Health Network (SWHN)

- Participation in scientific  conferences and community events 

- Organisation of the Sex Work & Health Conference (SWHC)













Red Umbrella Academy 2

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1. Increase knowledge of sex workers around HIV and specifically on combination prevention

2. Document the accessibility of PrEP for sex workers and identify

challenges in access to PrEP by taking into account the specificities and the intersections of identities of the community

3. Disseminate the findings of the research on access to PrEP at international, European and local levels and among different stakeholders (academic, scientists, HIV activists, service providers, sex workers...)



Organisation of 1 training on access to HIV combination prevention tools including PrEP for 24 sex workers from 8 countries

Find the call for participants in the RUA2 programme here
The call for trainers will be launched soon.

Development of 1 Participatory Research on Sex Workers’ Access to PrEP

Find the call for a Researcher here



- Launch of the participatory research at national levels

- Participation in scientific conferences and community events





Sex Work Therapist Training


Reduce stigma faced by sex workers  in mental healthcare services.



Organisation of 1 training for therapists about sex work, stigma and discrimination.

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Presentation of the training and briefing paper on sex work and mental health in conferences and events


Regarding health, ESWA has been concentrating efforts on developing resources and improving the capacities of sex worker-led organisations around the prevention and treatment of HIV and STI’s and is working on the issue of mental health within the community.


Engagement with European institutions and partnerships

ESWA is engaging with European institutions and civil society organisations. ESWA is a member of: