ESWA Board of Directors Election Results

We are pleased to announce the results of the recent election for new members of the ESWA Board of Directors!

For this election, ESWA received three self-nominations:

  • Kali Suhdra (Spain), endorsed by FAU (Germany) and Aprosex (Spain)
  • Dante Dionys (Germany), endorsed by SMART-Berlin and FAU (Germany)
  • Charlie Cosnier (France), endorsed by Acceptess-T and Griselidis (France)

Following the election process, which closed on March 31st, we are excited to announce the following additions to the ESWA Board of Directors:

  • Kali Suhdra has been re-elected for another term.
  • Charlie Cosnier has been elected to join the ESWA Board of Directors.

We take this opportunity to thank Dinah Bons, outgoing member of the Board of Directors and the Co-Chair of the Board, for their years of work and wish the new members a successful term. 

We also thank the sex worker-led organisations and members of ESWA for their participation and votes.

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