Calling our Members: ESWA's First Congress

Calling our Members: ESWA's First Congress

Dear ESWA members,


It is our great pleasure to announce the European Sex Workers Rights Alliance’s first Congress, which will take place in Brussels between 10th and 13th of October 2022.


What is the Congress?

In 2022, ESWA became an Association (Vereniging in Dutch) after 15 years as a Foundation (Stichting in Dutch). This change gives more power to ESWA members - sex worker-led organisations. As an Association, ESWA is mandated to have annual General Assemblies during which members can learn about ESWA’s work, approve reports and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.


The Congress will take place over 4 days and will include:

  • ESWA’s members annual conference (10th, 11th and 12th of October)
  • ESWA’s General Assembly (12th of October)
  • Public event at European Parliament (13th of October)
  • Social and cultural events in partnership with SNAP 


What will happen during the Conference?

The Conference will include diverse keynote speakers, workshops and interactive sessions which will explore some of the most pressing issues our movement faces as well as as ESWA Strategic and Overarching Priorities such as Health, Justice, Labour and Social Inclusion, Digital Rights, Legal Reform, Migration and Racial Justice, Gender Equality and LGBTQI Rights). ESWA members can propose workshops and sessions. See below for more information!


Who can join?

All members of ESWA can join. The Congress will also be open to some key allies of ESWA and key stakeholder supporters of sex workers’ rights.

ESWA has a limited budget to bring approximately 30 sex workers from our membership with a maximum of 2 people by organisations. See below for the scholarship call! 


We are not able to cover travel and accommodation for all members of ESWA and count on members who can do so to cover their own costs.

The General Assembly will be in hybrid format to include sex worker-led organisations who are not physically in Brussels with us.


Can I propose a workshop or session?

The Congress will include many workshops and sessions on issues affecting sex workers in the region. The ESWA team will facilitate sessions related to our strategic priorities with particular regards to access to health, justice, digital rights, feminism and racial justice.


Members of ESWA are invited to propose workshops and sessions. The ESWA Coordination team will then select several sessions and workshops from its membership. We will get back to you and might suggest merging workshops by members on similar themes.

The Congress will also include ‘The floor is yours!’ session for ad hoc sessions by members during the Congress.

I am so excited!! What do I need to do now?

We are too and can't wait to see you in Brussels! 

In order for the ESWA team to organise the most successful Congress, we need you to inform us if you will join us, if you will propose a workshop and if you need a scholarship.

Discuss with your organisations or collectives who will join us, if your organisation can cover some costs related to travel, food or accommodation or if you wish to submit a workshop.




Registrations for Congress have now closed!

For any questions contact, Luca at [email protected]




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