Sex Work & Tech Tarot Cards

At the occasion of its first Sex Workers’ Digital Rights Convening, ESWA proudly launches the Sex Work & Tech Tarot Cards. This project is part of ESWA’s Digital Rights programme. These cards aim to deliver sex workers and sex workers’ rights organisations useful information in an accessible format on an array of issues relevant to sex workers’ digital rights. This first ESWA deck can also inform other communities of the struggle of sex workers in relation to digital rights issues and create space for conversation and further collaboration to fight for digital rights for all.

Each card bears a beautiful artwork on the front, portraying an issue central to the digital rights of sex workers. The 9 cards explore the topics of Shadowban, Deepfakes, Digital payment services, Age verification, Predictive policing, Biometric surveillance, Content moderation, Intimate Image Abuse and Cloud Services. The artworks capture the essence of the challenges sex workers face when engaging with that particular technology. On the flip side of each card, a short informative description of the highlighted issue can be found, along with its significance to sex workers and some of the resistance strategies to address these challenges. In addition, each card contains QR codes that will take you to other online resources developed by civil society organisations to explore and learn about that particular topic further.

The artwork was created by Ambrose Treavel. ESWA owns the intellectual rights of the cards.

This project was funded by the European Artificial Intelligence and Society Fund.




All Cards (Front + Back) - Compressed PDF


Single Cards PDFs (Front + Back):

Age Verification

Biometric Surveillance

Cloud Services

Content Moderation


Digital Payment

Intimate Image Abuse

Predictive Policing



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